The Suvi model range is growing for the 2017 season

The history of Suvi boats begins in 1985. During these past 30 years, Suvi boats has become the leading brand of small boat in Finland, and the number of boats sold has increased to around 59,000.

Our current production portfolio comprises 29 models, sure to satisfy the needs of everybody, with a suitable and affordable alternative for use at a summer cabin or as a fishing boat. Three new models will be introduced for the 2017 season: Suvi 4540 Duo, Suvi 52 ”kelo” and Suvi 42 ”kelo”.

Equipment and affordable price of the Suvi model range combined with excellent characteristics make the Suvi boat a sensible purchase which retains its value and is also a desirable boat on the second-hand market. Suvi boats are manufactured in Finland.

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    10.10.2016 12:00

    New models for season 2017

    NEW BOATS FOR THE 2017 SEASON: SUVI 4540 DUO, SUVI 52 and 42 “kelo” rowing boats In 2016, three new models will be added to the Suvi range: Suvi 4540 Duo, Suvi 52 ”kelo” and Suvi 42 ”kelo”. Suvi 4540 Duo – the most inexpensive double console boat on the market The popular Suvi Duo […] Read more

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